1930’s Harlem Renaissance

Phew!! It’s finally Friday, my week’s been a little crazy, preparing for this wedding show next week.  The kind of crazy that comes from trying to frantically pack five days worth of work into 72 hours, rather than one hundred and twenty.  It’s madness for real!!!..  But when sudden

inspiration like a 1930’s Harlem Renaissance photoshoot comes your way, you can’t help but wish you could get involved…


Friday 18th October 2013

I keep seeing posts on FB from my friend Eulanda Shead about a Harlem Renaissance love inspired video & photoshoot, trips to charity shops, hairstyling, MUA etc…. Sounds like something right up my street!!  Hummmm… Let me drop her a Whattsap message:


Me:        “Hey Girl!”

“How r u?”

“Was  wondering about your vintage photoshoot”

“Have u already done it?”

Eu:         “It’s 2morrow J if you’re not busy, it’d be great to have u there!”

Me:        “Hmmm... Was just thinking how I could maybe bring my hair accessories & some of the bridal jewellery to have featured on the shoot??... Maybe??....”



Our first mutual thought is why we didn’t think of it before??… In a matter of minutes, everything is decided and agreed for tomorrow….Here I      am, not knowing what I am getting myself into… But very, very excited!!

 Viviane-eu blog.jpg

Saturday 19th

Rainy day…. Making my way down to Paddington where the first shooting session will take place. So excited, I’ve just met such a talented group of  people. Nyla, the MUA, Tayo, the photographer, Caroline the assistant on the shoot, and Stacie, the videographer.  Meeting and putting a face on  the man who is making my friend the happiest woman in the world is quiet something. I instantly like him…they make such a cute couple! And, btw, Eulanda looks

shamazing!!!…. Her fab styling, with authentic pieces found in her excursion to charity shops and that glam make up!!… Wow!!  As I unveil the pieces I brought along, I can’t help but smile to myself. This is just perfect!  This is what happens when like-minded people put their artistry together; sublimity is created. I relish the rest of the day.  Such creativity!

My highlight of the day… When I suggested we used my Zahara (Arabic – to shine, to radiate) hair fascinator for the ”meeting scene”. Coincidentally, Omo had an umbrella which shade matched exactly the colour of the bright gold Senegalese Basin quilted pillow featured on this headband. The pillow was adorned with a spotted pheasant feather, wooden beads and a cowrie shell. I thought the subtle highlights of yellow on the video would be a perfect visual link for the couple.

The day was such an experience for me, I adore partaking in photoshoots. The final result is outstanding. My creations are beautifully showcased. Thank you Eu & Omo.


Love, Peace & Colour,


Viviane xoxo